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Agreement with Thai labour union not respected

Jan 09, 2009

Last November 13, an agreement was reached between Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand) and the Electronics and Electrical Appliances Relation Labour Union (EEALU) which brought a months-long conflict between the two parties to an end. 35 dismissed workers cum union members were reinstated. Barely two months later, EEALU is faulting Hoya Glass Disk for major breaches of the agreement.

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1,000 workers dismissed at Nokia’s factory in Reynosa, Mexico

Jan 08, 2009

For its plant in Reynosa, in northern Mexico, Nokia hires its workforce through labour agencies Adecco and Manpower. It turns out that the rights of these workers are badly protected. GoodElectronics was informed of the mass dismissal of more than 1,000 workers since November 2008. Manpower and Adecco were offering less than 2,000 pesos as a severance payment to these workers. 53 of them refused to accept this pitiful amount, among whom seven pregnant women.

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Philippines labour rights activist ordered arrested

Dec 22, 2008

Last October 3rd, a known Philippines labour organiser and activist, Emmanuel “Manny” Asuncion, was ordered arrested, in the Southern Tagalog region, the Philippines, along with a number of other people. Manny Asuncion is on the Board of Trustees of the Workers Assistance Center (WAC). WAC has been part of the GoodElectronics network from the very beginning. WAC beliefs this is again another attack of the Arroyo government on the labour movement and leaders of people’s organisations in the Philippines by using pseudo-legal means. WAC has formulated a strong-worded urgent appeal.

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Taiwan environmental organisations urge Acer for better supply chain management

Dec 16, 2008

At the occasion of Acer's CSR forum, environmental organisations in Taiwan formulate a series of solid demands to Acer and it suppliers. The emphasis is on the need to address the harmful effects for the environment and for local communities of Acer's production processes.

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Thai supplier to big computer brands is not living up to its promises

Dec 16, 2008

Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand), a supplier of some of the biggest computer brands like HP, Hitachi, Toschiba and Lenovo, is frustrating union activities at its plant in Lamphun province, according to information received by GoodElectronics. This despite recent promises of the company to allow the Electrical and Electronics Appliances Labour Union (EEALU) to function normally.

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