Since 1988, Asahi Kosei has been the pioneer which successful in producing VTR drum and supplied to world wide by using its advance die-cast technology. Asahi Kosei developed and invented vacuum die-casting method and produced high quality VTR drum which was once said could not be die-cast because of the high content of porosity. In order to improve the quality of die-cast product, Asahi Kosei has introduced the computerize control system for casting condition, such as the injection parameter, ejection timing and mould layout control. Further more, Asahi Kosei also developed our own control specification for material. With the above enhancement, Asahi Kosei manage to supply Electrical Home Appliance parts not only domestically but internationally. By using our latest technology also, Asahi Kosei has commenced to produce HDD product and automotive components as well.

Countries Japan, Malaysia

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