15-01-2010 Chinese battery producer fails to be a decent employer

Chinese battery producer fails to be a decent employer


Chinese battery producer Gold Peak Industrial Holding Ltd is under fire by Chinese and international labour groups for failing to be a decent employer. Year-long struggles of (ex-) workers with cadmium related health problems have not yet resulted in an acceptable solution. Gold Peak unilateral decision to close down and relocate its Shenzhen-based Jet Power plant, completely disregarding workers interests, has caused distress. Recently, a strike erupted at Power Pack, another Gold Peak subsidiary in Huizhou, China, over wages and benefits. The management's response so far has been totally inadequate. Chinese labour groups have addressed Gold Peak via two open letters, dated 10 and 31 December 2009 respectively.

Gold Peak batteries are used in all types of toys and electronics products.

Support the Gold Peak workers and Chinese labour rights groups in their struggle for labour rights

On 28 April 2009, on the occasion of the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers, GoodElectronics reported about the ongoing struggle of Chinese cadmium poisoned workers, addressing their (former) employer Gold Peak Industrial Holding Ltd for compensation and redress. GoodElectronics called upon Gold Peak and its subsidiaries to listen to the concerns and demands of the affected workers and take appropriate steps to resolve the lingering conflicts. Moreover, GoodElectronics called upon electronic brand name companies sourcing from Gold Peak to look into the issues raised by Gold Peak workers and Chinese labour groups and to put their policies regarding supply chain responsibility in practice.

GoodElectronics appeals to Gold Peak to improve its record

Since then, Gold Peak has made some little steps towards its workers, but the overall picture is still rather grim. It is now time for Gold Peak to structurally improve its labour record. Gold Peak should ensure that the management of its respective subsidiaries engages upon meaningful negotiations with its workers and their representatives on the basis of equality and transparency, in order to resolve disputes over wages, benefits and compensation packages.

GoodElectronics will also address buyers of Gold Peak products.


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