21-10-2008 Labour dispute at Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand)

Labour dispute at Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand)


Thursday November 13, 2008, a meeting took place in the ongoing negotiations between labour union EEALU, representatives of Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand) and officials of the Thai Ministry of Labour in Lamphun province. This time with a very positive result: an agreement was signed between the labour union and the company.

For now, GoodElectronics will discontinue its call for the sending of urgent appeal letters to Hoya and its buyers.

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GoodElectronics was informed of a serious labour dispute at Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand) Ltd., involving the company’s management and the Electronics and Electrical Appliance Labour Union (EEALU), a local labour union.

In the past months, GoodElectronics has discretely sent letters in support of the labour union’s demands to Hoya Thailand, its parent company in Japan, as well as to (potential) first and second tiers buyers.

As a result, Hewlett Packard joined by others buyers, has arranged for a meeting to take place between the management of Hoya Thailand and EEALU, on October 9th last. Among other things, the possibility to have a third party assessment carried out was discussed. This could be a step forward, towards resolving the conflict.

To support this development, GoodElectronics is now publicly calling upon you and all to support the labour union in its struggle.

Please join GoodElectronics in its Urgent Appeal and call upon Hoya Thailand, Hoya Japan and the buyers to ensure that the dismissed workers are reinstated and compensated, and that EEALU has an equal say in the resolution of the conflict.

With three simple mouse clicks you send letters to:

[because of the breakthrough in the case the links to the letters are inactivated]


  • Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand) Ltd. and Hoya Corporation (Japan)
    - urging them to listen in to the demands of the union

  • Buyers that have responded
    - urging them not to slacken in their efforts now

  • Buyers that have not responded at all so far
    – urging them to pay due attention to the situation at Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand)

more information:

Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand) dispute - will the union get an equal say?

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