An extensive document describing and analyzing several cases of benzene-poisoning in China is part of new campaigning material of the Ban Benzene Campaign by Labour Action China (LAC). The 98-pages document includes background information on benzene, the diagnostic criteria of benzene poisoning, cases from Philips Lighting China (PLC) and ASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT) and a great number of appendices (diagnoses, appeals, correspondence, death certificates, occupational histories, etcetera).

Miss Zhang, who began to work at a Philips lighting factory in Shenzhen in 2010, now suffers from occupational mild and chronic benzene poisoning (leukopenia) as a result of benzene exposure. Mister Hu, who was a manager at ASM Pacific, died in July 2013 from occupational leukemia. His wife is fighting for compensation, with LAC at her assistance.

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