The GoodElectronics network involves nearly 100 organisations and individuals worldwide, including trade unions, labour rights organisations, human rights organisations, environmental organisations, universities, academics and researchers.

GoodElectronics invites other organisations and individuals to join the network. Members pledge to reinforce the network’s common demands for human rights and sustainability in the electronics sector.

If you would like to become a member, please fill out the form below.

GE membership application form

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  • If you are applying for individual membership, please fill out your full name
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  • Please motivate your interest to join GoodElectronics. Explain how your current work aligns with the work of GoodElectronics and why the GE Network is relevant to your work.
  • Membership requirements

  • GoodElectronics members shall:
    • Agree to the identity, vision, mission and strategies as elaborated by GoodElectronics;
    • Endorse the GoodElectronics Common Demands on the electronics industry;
    • Provide basic information about their organisations and/or activities for publication on the GoodElectronics website (unless security considerations make this impossible);
    • Reconfirm membership when requested by the GoodElectronics coordinator.
    GoodElectronics members are encouraged to:
    • Actively participate in the meetings, activities, and campaigning of GoodElectronics;
    • Publicly declare membership of GoodElectronics, for instance by posting the GoodElectronics logo and a link to the GoodElectronics website on their websites (unless security considerations make this impossible);
    • Share information on activities, publications, campaigns, etc. with GoodElectronics members as well as externally sharing via GoodElectronics channels:
    • Disseminate information provided by GoodElectronics via their channels;
    • In the absence of a membership fee, contribute financially to the upkeep of the Network.

    Full details on the structure and decision-making of the GoodElectronics Network are laid down in the GoodElectronics Governance document, which can be shared upon request. 

    Membership applications will be considered by the GoodElectronics Steering Committee, in consultation with existing GoodElectronics members in the country of origin of the applicant.
  • Please click on the 'Submit' button below to submit your application. After you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by the GoodElectronics Steering Committee and you will be contacted as soon as possible.
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