The GoodElectronics network brings together networks, organisations and individuals that are concerned about human rights and sustainability issues in the global electronics supply chain. Members include trade unions, grassroots organisations, campaigning and research organisations, academia and activists. GoodElectronics and its members are not-for-profit only.


The membership is the highest decision-making body of the GoodElectronics Network. It makes high-level decisions regarding membership, identity, vision, mission, strategies, etc.

Executive decision-making is delegated to the Steering Committee. The on-going coordination of the network, including day-to-day decision-making, is delegated to the International Network Coordinator and the Regional Coordinator (Asia-based).

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is currently made up of the following members:

  1. CEREAL – Centre for Reflection and Action on Labour Rights (Mexico)
  2. CIVIDEP – Civil Initiatives for Development and Peace India (India)
  3. ICRT – International Campaign for Responsible Technology (USA)
  4. IndustriALL Global Union (Switzerland)
  5. SHARPS – Supporters for Health and Right of People in Semiconductor Industry (South Korea)
  6. SOMO – Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (the Netherlands)
  7. WAC – Workers Assistance Center (the Philippines)
  8. WH4C – Workers Hub for Change (Malaysia)