Wu Chengcheng, a 41-year-old Chinese female worker and mother of a daughter, is desperately seeking help from the public. Wu is suffering from occupational disease as a result of exposure to chemicals while working at TPV Electronics in Fujian, a supplier of Philips. After she secured official verification of occupational disease, the factory fired her.

The factory did not take precautions to protect Chengcheng from serious chemicals like dimethylbenzene, benzene, and cleaners. She was not given proper training or protection on the job. And once she secured official verification of occupational disease, the company fired her.

Chengcheng is currently seeking donations to help cover the costs of her medical care and to support her daughter, who is entering the fifth grade. Chengcheng writes:

“No matter how strong I am, I am still afraid of death. I love my child just like all mothers do. I cannot just leave my young child by herself. But I also have dignity. My situation would be a dilemma for any woman. Today I am seeking help from the public, hoping kind people will help me.”

If you want to support Chengcheng and her daughter, you can donate to China Labor Watch via Paypal or check with the note or memo “Wu Chengcheng”. We will make sure the full donation received reaches Chengcheng. She also shares her bank account information at the end of the full appeal below, should you wish to donate directly to her.

Read Wu’s full testimony “Should I give up or wait to die?” here: http://www.chinalaborwatch.org/newscast/479