Big tech firms including Amazon, Google, and Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta have ordered staff to be back to work at the office for the majority of the workweek.

Similarly, Zoom, a video call company which rose from lockdown-related shift in work culture, has ordered its staff to report twice a week. Elon Musk, CEO of X (formerly Twitter), has declared on-sit office work except under specific conditions. Media and entertainment conglomerate Disney has followed suit, requiring its staff to work at the office four days a week.

The back to on-site work comes after series of job cuts. Cited by The Guardian, tech firms around the world have laid off more than 230,000 workers compared with 165,00 the year before, from the tracker.

Meanwhile, 30,000 Amazon workers has signed a petition against the return-to-office policy in May 2023.

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