In order to develop a guide with good practices in relation to the management and disposal of hazardous substances, Mr. Baskut Tuncak, Special Rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Council, is requesting input from governments and non-state entities.

Mr. Baskut Tuncak prepared a questionnaire that is centered around the following thematic areas:

  • “The rights of the most vulnerable groups, namely children, women of reproductive age, older persons, indigenous peoples, the poor and other marginalized communities
  • Accountability mechanisms, access to justice and redress, including remediation of contamination
  • Workers’ occupational exposure to health hazards
  • The question of toxics within the context of situations of conflict
  • The responsibility of the businesses sector.”

Governments and non-state entities are encouraged to submit the input before 12 May 2017. All responses will be displayed on the web page of the Special Rapporteur, unless indicated otherwise.

Find more information and download the questionnaire here.