The corona pandemic and its consequences have not only intensified discrimination and racism but it has also exacerbated existing inequalities and poverty. It also has exposed the weaknesses of a global economic system. Millions of people lost their job and income under the situation where one-third of the world population does not have social security.

Under the pretext of protecting people’s health had many other faces. Several governments have banned their citizens from taking to the streets to voice their concerns. Journalists and media in many parts of the world faced danger for reporting and how the government handles the pandemic.

Bread for the World published its study on covid-19 pandemic and civic space. The study about how civil society actors and organizations are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and how they react to it. Providing an analysis of the situation in six countries where it works, Bread for the World ends the report with what governments, companies, and us to do to move out of this pandemic.

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