The Restart Project interviewed Omana George, the Monitoring Coordinator of Electronics Watch, on Covid-19, the impact on electronics workers, and current trends. She talked about the current situation of electronics workers under Covid-19. Omana said that under Covid-19 what was bad already is worse now. The productions and employment are more flexible. Recent unrest in Wistron, one of Apple’s suppliers, have shown this exact situation.

In the second part of the interview, Omana told the hazards for electronic workers. One of the biggest hazards is chemicals. Workers are working without any training on the kind of chemicals, how to use them, the hazard, and the impacts. She quotes Amanda Hawes “If you’re pregnant, every day is bring your child to work day.”

Omana closed the interview with a remark on what we can do as an individual. We can be aware of the working condition of the workers who made the product that we use. We can also give more pressure on public purchasers to be more aware of the suppliers from whom they buy their products, and therefore they could give pressure on the suppliers to improve the working conditions.

Listen to the interview here.