Employees at Tesla’s US factory in California speak out against “unsafe and unethical” practices regarding the care and reporting of worker injuries.

Tesla employs some 10,000 workers in its California factory. Yet, the company is accussed of failing to care for injured workers or accept responsibility by reporting injuries. Former medical staff express that they were under pressure not to treat or record worker injuries. Forming part of a culture within the factory medical clinic where injured workers would be dismissed and sent back to full duties, or have their injuries labelled as non-industrial and not the companies responsibility. 

Despite the seemingly revolutionary and innovative style of the technology being developed by Tesla, the company’s focus on production efficiency and costs may be putting workers at risk. When pushed on the issue, Tesla has repeated its commitment to “first-class healthcare” and that it is the target of unfair accusations. However, based on the stories of some its employees, the company is failing to ensure fair medical treatment and safety of its production line workers. 

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