The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) offers interested parties the opportunity to submit suggestions for the revision of the EICC Code of Conduct.

Transparent stakeholder consultation is clearly not EICC's forte. GoodElectronics has requested an extension of the Code revision period, until at least the end of November 2008. Next week, the EICC will hold a membership vote over this request. In the mean time, those interested can submit their suggestions to EICC using the form provided by EICC. Please copy your submissions to [email protected]

At previous occasions, GoodElectronics member organisations have shared their critique concerning the Code with EICC, highlighting among other issues:

- the lack of stakeholder consultation in the code-writing process

- failing references to ILO core labour standards

- weak language on freedom of association and overtime

- collective bargaining agreements and living wage not addressed in the code


Summarising, the EICC Code in its current version falls well short of what prominent GoodElectronics member organisations consider threshold standards. At the same time, an increasingly number of companies refer to and/or have adopted the EICC code. In principle, the EICC Code could have the potential to develop into a useful tool to bring about meaningful changes on the work floor in production countries, on the condition that some fundamental changes are put through. Therefore, a continuous effort is made by concerned stakeholders to improve the EICC Code.