Electronics Watch is setting up its Advisory Group

Electronics Watch is setting up its Advisory Group. Interested civil society organisations and individuals with a commitment and interest in electronics, labour rights and other human rights, monitoring and compliance initiatives are welcome to join. Electronics Watch is an independent monitoring organisation working to achieve respect for labour rights in the global electronics industry through socially responsible public purchasing in Europe. Remit: to advise on the creation of the world's first independent labour rights monitoring organisation across the global electronics industry. There is no corporate role in the Electronics Watch governance, funding or monitoring to prevent conflicts of interest. Public sector buyers are also invited to join the EW Advisory group.

Electronics Watch is setting up its Advisory Group

Electronics Watch is calling upon civil society organisations and individuals as well as European public sector buyers who can offer expertise, wisdom and advice to join the EW Advisory Group, in order to make this new initiative happen.

How to join the EW Advisory Group
The project will be done with and for workers in the global South, the public sector and NGOs/experts. EW is looking for the following types of organisations or individuals to join the Advisory Group:

Block 1. Public sector buyers

EW is looking for public sector buyers with an interest in ethical procurement, labour rights or electronics to advise on operational, legal and all other aspects of the new organisation. Joining this Advisory Group will put you at the forefront of combating human rights abuses in the electronics industry through ethical procurement. It will enable you to shape the organisation to the requirements of yourself and your part of the public sector.

Block 2. NGOs, trade unions and academic labour rights experts

EW is looking for organisations or people who have a deep commitment and interest in electronics, labour rights and other human rights, monitoring and compliance initiatives or a combination of these things. Joining EW will enable you to influence labour rights standards in the global electronics industry.

Block 3. Representatives of unions and labour rights CSOs from the regions of electronics production

EW is looking to make strategic alliances with organisations that share EW's view that exposing and reforming labour and other human rights abuses through independent monitoring and the use of
public sector financial leverage is of benefit to their members and communities. Joining the EW Advisory Group will give you a powerful tool to further improve lives for your members and the communities you operate in.

Membership of the EW Advisory Group is restricted in each category. However, due to extremely high demand, EWwill initially accept more members, to what is called the 'Informal Advisory Group'. Then members who wish to play a longer term role can put themselves forward for one of the long term places in the Formal  Advisory Group. Please contact Electronics Watch if you want more detail on how this works.

What membership in the Electronics Watch informal Advisory Group will involve

  • The Advisory Group will meet three times between November 2013 and January 2016 – twice in blocks, and once as an entire group.
  • It will consider all aspects of setting up the new organisation and help to steer the organisation in the interests of the constituency members are coming from.
  • Meetings are likely to be in a webinar format.
  • EW will send out booking materials, agendas and guides to the conferences well in advance.
  • Between these meetings Advisory Group members will receive bi-monthly updates on the project's progress from October 2013, and will be invited to irregular non-compulsory consultations on the different aspects of setting up a new organisation. There will also be a space on a website for Advisory Group members to share and discuss ideas with other members.
  • Finally, EW asks Advisory Group members to be ambassadors for the project, making sure that they alert the project partners of potential meetings, conferences and other avenues that we could outreach the project to, and promoting it themselves wherever practicable in their networks and institutions. 


To find out more about the Advisory Group, ask EW for the Advisory Group in detail brochure.


How to contact EW (by country or by block)

Electronics Watch is driven by seven European NGOs from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.

Click here to find contact details of the Electronics Watch project partners.

Block 1

Südwind Agentur
Vienna, Austria
Andrea Ben Lassoued
[email protected] - Tel. +43 1 405 55 15 – 320

Block 2

People & Planet
Oxford, UK
[email protected] - Tel. +44 1865 264184

Block 3

SOMO (Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations)
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
[email protected] - Tel. +31(0) 20 639 12 91