On March 11 and 13, Andy Davies from Electronics Watch affiliate LUPC will be guest panellist at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival screenings of Complicit, a documentary shot last year about a Chinese factory migrant worker-turned-activist.

While struggling to survive his own work-induced leukaemia, Yi Yeting teaches himself labour law in order to prepare a legal challenge against his former employers.

There will be two London screenings – one on March 11 at 5:30pm at the Picturehouse Central, the other on March 13 at 6:15 PM at the Barbican.

The screenings will be followed by panel discussion with filmmakers Heather White and Lynn Zhang and special guests.

publication cover - The Poisonous Pearl

The Poisonous Pearl

Occupational chemical poisoning in the electronics industry in the Pearl River Delta, People’s Republic of China

The documentary Complicit, relates to the publication ‘The Poisonous Pearl’ of GoodElectronics about the experiences of workers in the electronics industry in China who are victims of chemical poisoning. With the ‘Chemical Challenge’, GoodElectronics is calling upon the electronics industry to adopt safer and more sustainable manufacturing practices and proactively reduce and eliminate chemical and physical hazards by developing and adopting safer alternatives. All these changes are necessary to protect and promote human rights, workers rights, and the environment.

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