Facebook's coal problem is representative of the IT sector's growing demand for energy. At current growth rates data centers and telecommunication networks, the two key components of the cloud Facebook depends on, will consume about 1,963 billion kilowatts hours of electricity in 2020. That's more than triple their current consumption and more than the current electricity consumption of France, Germany, Canada and Brazil combined. Greenpeace is calling upon Facebook to 'unfriend coal'.

What's this about?

Greenpeace wants Facebook to 'unfriend coal'. Specifically, Greenpeace wants the company to:

  • Increase the use of clean energy to make Facebook coal free
  • Develop a plan to make Facebook coal free by 2021
  • Educate your users about how Facebook powers its services and its carbon footprint
  • Advocate for clean energy at a local, national and international level

Basically, Greenpeace is campaigning to get Facebook to drop coal and commit to 100 percent renewable energy, cutting its carbon footprint and helping in the struggle to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Facebook responds to public pressure. Get facebook to unfriend coal, and show the rest of the IT sector what we're made of.

Join the Greenpeace campaign.

Click here for a very funny campaign video.

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