We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of our dear Cecil, who passed away on July 6th.

Cecil represented the Workers Assistance Centre (WAC) at the GoodElectronics Network inaugural meeting in 2006 in Guadalajara, Mexico. She has been a member of the GE steering committee ever since, immeasurably contributing to the direction and strategies of the Network.

Cecil was a staunch labour and human rights defender. She has consistently advocated for the rights and welfare of workers and has assisted many victims of unfair labour practices and injustices. Specifically, she organised women workers in the special economic zones. Her vibrant work spans from local communities to the international arena. She was involved in the establishment of many regional and global workers’ networks and was also involved in other issues, for example through her involvement in the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC).

She tirelessly advocated for the rights of electronics workers and trade unionists. She was ever present in the workers’ communities, in the picket lines, in the dialogues with government agencies, and in international forums ardently pushing for concrete actions to improve working conditions in the electronics industry. She heartily shared her wisdom and energy with the GE Network.

We remember Cecil as a dedicated GE steering committee member. As a kind, selfless, enthusiastic woman who helped countless people. As a rights defender who loved the workers so much. Her journey with the Philippine labour movement and globally, will be treasured. Rest in power, Cecil!

GE coordinators Rochelle Porras and Camiel Donicie, on behalf of the GoodElectronics Steering Committee.