Two courses are being offered to trade unionists around the world in June -- one of them online -- which you might be interested in.

First, the Global Labour University is launching a free Massive Open Online Course on "Workers Rights in a Global Economy".  Starting on 1 June 2015, the six weeks online course will discuss what Global Workers' Rights are and which instruments and strategies can be used to implement them. Based on a mix of video lectures, readings, online resources and interviews with activists and labour scholars from around the world, participants will gain both knowledge and practical skills for furthering workers' rights worldwide. You can watch a short trailer here to get an overview of the course:

Go to for more information and enrolment (this course is in English only).

Second, LabourStart is working with the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) in partnership with the German national trade union centre DGB on a course entitled "Online campaigning for trade unions". This course will be held in Hattingen, Germany from 24-26 June and is open to European trade unionists. The course has the following aims: to use the internet as tool for enhancing a cross border labour movement; to know tools and techniques available for running a trade union online campaign; to share experiences and identify best practices in online campaigning. The course is limited to just 20 participants and you must apply through your national contacts, which can be found here:

More information about how to enrol in an ETUI course is here: (this course is available in German and English).