The vast majority of the production of electronics parts is outsourced to contract manufacturers operating in so-called low cost countries. China takes a lead in hosting electronics production factories. Since 1999, the electronics industry has been China’s largest industrial sector, currently accounting for more than 14% of Chinese GDP. Other countries hosting electronic production are for example India, Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines and Mexico. This workshop gives a look “behind the screens” of your computer and mobile phone. You will learn more about the people and working conditions in this production line. Workers’ representatives from China ánd Mexico will share the workers’ experiences and battles to improve labour conditions. The need for, but absence of, formal workers’ representation (union) is an important problem that keeps coming up. How can this problem be addressed? And what is the role of companies in tackling this issue? In a dynamic discussion including a famous electronics brand company, workers’ representatives and the public, this workshop will work towards a common intention on what steps need to be taken, and by whom. Guest speakers (provisional): Jenny Chan from SACOM (China), Pedro Reyes from CEREAL (Mexico), representative HP, Nokia or Motorola