Health and safety concerns in the electronics sector often fall secondary to economic issues such as wages, benefits and job security. Due to the pandemic, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) became a focal point of struggle for better working conditions.

Against this backdrop, and supported by GoodElectronics, the Metal Workers Alliance of the Philippines (MWAP) produced a training module on building worker-led OSH committees and workers’ right to health and safety in the workplace. MWAP also organised trainings for trainers and workers’ leaders on how to protect workers’ occupational health and safety in the context of the pandemic.

MWAP developed the training materials together with the Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development and improved them in consultation with the workers.

The MWAP trainings helped build the capacity of workers and union leaders to develop a concrete plan on how to build their own committees as well as target non-unionized workplaces.

The training materials are available in Filipino and English and were shared with GoodElectronics members.