While Samsung has been praised for the release of its new Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones, research by CGFED and IPEN reveal on-going labour abuses in Samsung’s Vietnamese factories.

Concerns about Samsung’s Vietnamese factories were first raised in November 2017, when a report by CGFED and IPEN was published – “Stories of Women Workers in Vietnam Electronics Industry”. This details the experiences of 45 women working at two Samsung smartphone manufacturing sites in Vietnam. Evidence from these interviews shows the shocking treatment of the mostly female workers, who experience fatigue, fainting and dizziness at work, as well as bone/joint/leg pain from standing of 70 – 80 hours a week.

Furthermore, the report shows that workers are exposed to harmful noise levels and, most worryingly, an increased incidence of miscarries due to work.

Despite this, Samsung is denying responsibility and has dismissed all the evidence. In addition, the company has attempted to undermine information provided by its own employees, including threatening workers with firing and lawsuits should they speak to “outsiders” and legal threats to researchers.

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Stories of Women Workers in Vietnams Electronics Industry.pdf (4277 downloads )