The global mobile telecom industry has grown enormously in the past years and consequently, the industry has an increasing environmental and social footprint. At the same time the mobile phone technology offers immense opportunities for positive social and environmental impact. Do you have any idea how many tons of e-waste we produce as consumers? It’s enormous and the short life cycle of mobile phones adds to the challenge. How would you tackle this challenge of the growing piles of e-waste? Which innovative business models can you develop to improve the global value cycles of the mobile telecom industry? Join Our Mobile Generation in its search for viable sustainable business models that can make the world say: wow!

Our Mobile Generation (OMG) is a project initiated by ENVIU to stimulate more sustainability around mobile phones. The objective of OMG is to inspire mobile phone users to come up with sustainable solutions or ideas that will lead to a more sustainable telecom industry and lifestyle.

Our Mobile Generation concentrates on 5 challenges:

  • Sustainable Business Models - Let’s develop new ways of doing business that contribute to more sustainability! Which new services can improve sustainability in the global mobile value chain?
  • Sustainable Smartphone - A sustainable and affordable smart phone. For the people, by the people! How can we reduce the environmental impact of mobile phones?
  • Add-On Technology - How can we make new combinations between existing technology and your mobile phone to create sustainable impact? Which supporting devices can extend sustainable impact of mobile technology?
  • Apps4Sustainability - Inspiring new apps that contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. How can mobile apps increase sustainability and the overall quality of life?


In the idea phase OMG is inviting you to drop the first outlines of your idea. Which problem are you exactly focusing on and what is your idea to solve this challenge? Drop you idea and improve it together with the community! Contribute now and add your idea.


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