An article in the IMF newsletter 'Metal' describes how the management illegally terminated strikers' labour contracts and attempted to break the strike by hiring replacement workers. Support IMF and the workers in their demands by sending letters of protest to Dong Yang Poland.

Members of the Polish metal union, NSZZ Solidarnosc, who work at Korean-owned Dong Yang Electronics have moved into the fourth week of their strike after management terminated labour contracts with strikers and hired replacement workers.

About 200 Dong Yang Electronics workers in Mlawa, Poland have been on strike since October 16 demanding better wages and compensation. Management illegally terminated the labour contracts of some 180 strikers, including the union shop steward, and has hired replacement workers.

Management has refused to negotiate with the union and workers, despite many attempts and involvement of the local authorities and Ministry of Labour as mediators.


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Support IMF and the affected workers in their demands:

  • basic wages to be increased by 9% for all the workers in the company and the minimum wage in the company to be set at 1500 PLN gross ( 400€);
  • the increase should be retroactive to March 2008; and
  • reinstatement of all workers fired for striking.

Send letters of protest to:
Dong Yang Electronics, Mlawa
Fax: +48 23 655 33 50
email: [email protected]
with copies to: [email protected]