Globalisation is not just about how things are made, bought and sold. It's also about people. Transnational companies want cheap and flexible workers. So they have shifted from secure to insecure employment - making all jobs more "precarious".

Precarious work is bad for all workers. It creates cut-price labour that drives down wages for all. It increases the gap between the rich and poor and amplifies the unfair practices that already disadvantage women, young and migrant workers.

Good jobs are what trade unions bargain for. Around the world, unions are mobilising, organising and bargaining for better, more secure work. That means challenging the legal and political ruses that allow precarious work to flourish. It means mobilising globally and taking union action against precarious work.

Precarious work affects us all is a global union campaign to stop the rise in precarious employment and regain power and justice for working people. On this campaign page you will find links to campaign materials, background information and details on what trade unions around the world are doing to mobilise against precarious work.