AMSTERDAM - Philips, HP, Sony, other big electronic brands and telecom providers are meeting in Amsterdam this week with labour organisations and CSOs for a round table on working conditions in the electronics sector. Well known participating CSOs are the Fair Labor Association, the International Metalworkers Federation, SACOM and the Dutch Initiative on Fair Trade. GoodElectronics and makeITfair are organising this unique round table with more than 50 participating organisations. Together they will be discussing several aspects of labour conditions in the electronics sector, like temporary agency work, living wages and the freedom of association.

This round table, held in Amsterdam on May 9th and 10th, is a follow-up on the round table that was organised by GoodElectronics en makeITfair in 2009. On that occasion, different companies and organisations from the electronics sector (big brands, suppliers and telecom providers) likewise were present to exchange information and discuss pressing issues with a large number of CSOs. As in 2009, the setting is informal and the goal is to define a common agenda on labour conditions in the electronics sector.

Some of the most important objectives for this round table are: stimulating (informal) cooperation between CSOs and the electronics sector, discussing initiatives (like that of the FLA with Apple and Foxconn in China), and to define a common ground in problem analysis and in possible actions regarding the round table's themes.

We cordially invite you to be present at the concluding press conference on Thursday, May 10th. Considering the location, we kindly ask you to register before hand. Please find below more information about registration, location and time.
Press conference round table GoodElectronics en makeITfair

For registration and more general information, please contact:
Marije Brouwer, communicatie-coördinator, [email protected], tel: + 31 20 639 12 91

Date press conference: Thursday the 10th of May 2012
Time: 12.15 - 13.00 hours
Location: Akantes, Nieuwe Herengracht 95, Amsterdam, Hennie de Swaan hall