Today, the Procure IT Fair campaign launches its IT Company Monitor. This online tool publishes news items available online that deal with the environment, working conditions and human rights throughout the supply chains of the large computer brands.

The IT Company Monitor provides public buyers with a tool to inform themselves about the latest developments around sustainability in the supply chain of computers and allows for a continuous monitoring of specific companies. The tool is an addition to the materials published by Procure IT Fair previously, including the Buyer’s Guide that was published in several languages earlier this year. Among other things, this guide suggests that public buyers keep up to date with the latest developments in the sector. This tool provides a quick an easy way to do so.

In essence, the IT Company Monitor collects news items and gives them a positive or negative evaluation. It purposely does not make evaluations of companies as Procure IT Fair feels that any ranking or evaluation of companies is by definition based on incomplete information. Therefore, the campaign has chosen to only evaluate single developments and provide a picture of the developments of issues these companies are faced with.

The IT Company Monitor’s primary target group are procurement officers and policy makers at public institutions. Procure IT Fair aims to use the leverage that public institutions have because of their large buying power to enhance the sustainability at production sites throughout the electronics supply chain. As large consumers, these professional buyers can only make the appropriate choice when thoroughly informed. This independent easy-to-use tool enables buyers to make their judgements on independent news sources, rather than only corporate communication. Clearly, the information available can also be very useful for other organizations working on environmental issues, working conditions and human rights in the electronics supply chain.

Procure IT Fair is a European network of civil society aiming to enhance sustainability in the supply chain of IT hardware through public procurement. The campaign is active in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Hungary.

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