The Public-Private Alliance (PPA) for Responsible Minerals Trade is being launched as a joint effort of the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development, non-governmental organisations and companies/industry organisations to take on this challenge. The PPA aims to be a hub for those seeking information and ways to take action on responsible minerals trade and sourcing, maximizing the efficiency and impact of participants’ time and resources, and generating additional resources to fill key gaps for 'a verifiable, conflict-free supply chain'.

PPA Goals
- Support development of supply chain systems that enable downstream businesses to source minerals that are validated, certified, and traced to mines that are ‘conflict-free,’ and monitored and audited using agreed-upon standards and mechanisms, and that lead to scalable, responsible, self-sustaining minerals trade in the GLR.
- Provide a mechanism for appropriate communication and collaboration in developing common positions vis-à-vis supply chain initiatives (mine to point of sale), to help ensure that systems are harmonized in scope and activity and can be relied on by all Participants.
- Consider additional activities supporting the vision of conflict-free minerals extraction and trade in the GLR.

What will the PPA accomplish?
Conflict-free Sourcing. The PPA will demonstrate that it is possible to secure legitimate, conflict-free minerals from the DRC and the GLR. While initiatives have shown progress, none has yet produced a fully validated supply chain to meet the needs of companies facing new legislation and international due diligence guidance. The PPA will support pilot programs—with the ultimate goal of producing scalable, self-sustaining systems—to demonstrate a fully traced and validated supply chain in a way that is credible to companies, civil society, and government.
Credible Information Resources. The PPA website will be a resource for companies with reporting requirements mandated by section 1502 of the July 2010 Dodd-Frank legislation and other organizations seeking current, balanced information on conflict minerals.
Improved Coordination and Communication. Through a range of tools, including a website and a multi-stakeholder governance group, the PPA will provide a platform for coordinated, productive dialogue among government, industry, and civil society in a non-regulatory setting.

Why an allince?
A public-private alliance is a vehicle allowing government, companies, civil society, and others to harmonize technical and financial resources for a common purpose. Participants commit funds, technical capacity, and in-kind contributions to support shared goals.
The U.S. Government plans to invest approximately $3.2 million in the work of the PPA. It is hoped that companies and industry associations will invest $2 million or more in funding through 2012.