Corporate social responsibility in the global electronics supply chain

This publication provides an overview of CSR issues that are relevant for the global electronics sector. It is a joint initiative by the Dutch MVO Platform and GoodElectronics. The publication is based on the 2007 CSR Frame of Reference published by the MVO Platform which reflects the Platform’s vision on corporate social responsibility. The CSR Frame of Reference describes and defines basic standards and principles and gives an outline of operational principles essential for the implementation of an effective and credible corporate social responsibility policy. In ‘Reset’ the MVO Platform and GoodElectronics aim to apply the general standards and principles of the Frame of Reference to the electronics sector in particular.

Several aspects (social, environmental and economic) in different phases of the supply chain mining, manufacturing and disposal) are described from a corporate social responsibility perspective. This publication categorises the many problems that the sector still faces. Progressive initiatives that are relevant to business, government and civil society are presented, and concrete recommendations are formulated. This publication does not pretend to be exhaustive. The analyses and recommendations put forward derive from diverse civil society sources, including participants to the MVO Platform and the GoodElectronics network. Not all views are necessarily shared by all, however.

The publication is intended for those interested in a more responsible and sustainable electronics sector: the electronics sector itself, as well as stakeholders who are working on improving labour and
environmental standards throughout the sector. Hopefully, anyone interested in the implementation of corporate social responsibility in the practice of a globalised complex supply chain will gain from this information, including companies in other sectors, policymakers, and consumers who care to know more about the products they use daily.

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publication cover - Reset
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