Samsung Display and its parent company, Samsung Electronics, have filed legal action in South Korea in an attempt to prevent the disclosure of potentially damming workplace assessment reports.

Samsung has claimed that publicising reports on its production facility in Asan would reveal company secrets – and therefore is not premitted.

However, Samsung’s legal action seems to be motivated by the revelation of serious labour violations in the company’s production facilities. A former employee at the site in Asan has sued Samsung after being diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. The employee also sent a petition to the Ministry of Employment and Labour for the release of factory information, claiming she can prove the disease was caused by exposure to toxic chemicals used in the production line.

So far, the ruling is in favor of Samsung’s claims. However, Samsung is also tied to similar disputes over the disclosure of information, with a request for the release of information regarding a case of worker poisoning in 2014. This raises questions over what Samsung is trying to hide in its production facilities.

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