RE-SOURCING Deliverable 4.3

Electronics is one of the largest and fastest growing industries of the world, employing millions of workers. Consumer electronics are part of our daily life and have spurred economic growth across the globe. Further, electronics are increasingly intertwined with many technologies and economic sectors such as automotive, health, internet of things, defence, and security.

Electronics are key for ambitious global goals such as digitalisation and the energy transition. The global electronics industry is, however, associated with serious social and environmental risks and challenges for responsible sourcing along its supply chain.

Responsible sourcing (RS) is becoming a reality for more and more businesses and policymakers, and it is increasingly demanded by NGOs and civil society. Everyone is striving to keep ahead of rapidly evolving ecological and social needs, company practices, business models, government regulations, and initiatives spearheaded by civil society.

In response to the growing challenge of responsible sourcing, the RE-SOURCING Global Stakeholder Platform was started in 2020, with this report being one of its outputs.

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publication cover - State of play and roadmap concepts: electronics sector
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