We are happy to announce that GoodElectronics has added a new member to its network: Südwind Nö Süd, Austria. A short description about this organisation follows.

Südwind Nö Süd is working in the educational and research field of development politics. Südwind develops since more than 25 years innovative, practical and complex educational material like workshops for pupils and adults, exhibitions for pupils and students, curricula (e.g. currently to Global Education in teachers’ education) and toolkits (e.g. about Global Education, Intercultural Communication). One priority of Südwind is the active involvement of the participants. Modern methods and methodologies allow proper approaches to complex topics. The practical, action oriented part allows holistic experiences and sustainable learning. Both parts are accompanied by phases of reflection.

Since 2014, Südwind offers educational workshops concerning mobile phone production. Becoming a member of the GoodElectronics network makes it possible to exchange ideas, information and to build contacts with other organisations.