Electrolux Thailand is under fire for the unfair dismissal of union leaders and union members at its Rayong Plant. The GoodElectronics Network and GoodElectronics Thailand are calling upon Electrolux to respect the rights of workers to associate freely and to bargain collectively. IndustriALL and the Swedish union IF Metall are also calling upon Electrolux to improve its act.

The GoodElectronics Network supports the positions and demands of GoodElectronics Thailand concerning the continuous violations of labour rights at the Electrolux Thailand Rayong Plant, in particular the unfair dismissal of 129 union leaders and members at this facility, and Electrolux’ refusal to respect the workers’ rights to association and collective bargaining.

On the basis of considerable fact finding on the ground, including interviews with workers GoodElectronics Thailand concludes that Electrolux Thailand is showing flagrant disregard of the Electrolux International Framework Agreement and Workplace Code of Conduct in which the company's commitment to uphold minimum labour rights standards throughout its operations are presented.

The GoodElectronics Network calls upon Electrolux Sweden and Electrolux Thailand to reinstate all of the dismissed workers and to start negotiations with the Electrolux Thailand Union about fair wage adjustment. Moreover, Electrolux must ensure that all workers who carry out core tasks of the company are employed directly by Electrolux instead of through labour agencies. Last but not least, the GoodElectronics Network is concerned about Electrolux’ efforts to mislead the Thai government and public about this serious case.  Electrolux should cooperate with the Thai Parliamentary Labour Committee and respond constructively to the Thai Ministry of Labour’s attempts  to resolve the dispute.


IndustriALL Global Union and the Swedish Union IF Metall are also calling upon Electrolux.

Click here for information about the IndustriALL position.

See attachment for a detailed account by GoodElectronics Thailand of the violations of freedom of association and collective bargaining at Electrolux Thailand.