The Center for Global Workers’ Rights is organizing a Spring Symposium on worker health and precarious work on March 23-24. The symposium will examine the conditions of vulnerable workers in global supply chains, most especially women and migrant workers.

The goal is to have a frank discussion on the lessons learned from current initiatives and work that needs to be done. Efforts to organize workers and improve conditions will be explored. Alejandro Gonzalez, coordinator of GoodElectronics, will be participating in Panel III: Electronics and Global Supply Chains.

Other confirmed speakers are:

Cathy Feingold of the AFL-CIO, Ted Smith of the International Campaign for Responsible Technology, Anannya Bhattacharya of the Asia Floor Wage Alliance, Sanjiv Pandita of Solidar Suisse, Scott Nova of the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), Uma Amara of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Marlese Von Broembsen of Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), JJ Rosenbaum of Yale Law School, Kristin K. Sznajder of the Penn State College of Medicine, Garrett Brown of California Collaborative, and documentary filmmaker Heather White.

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