Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand), a supplier of some of the biggest computer brands like HP, Hitachi, Toschiba and Lenovo, is frustrating union activities at its plant in Lamphun province, according to information received by GoodElectronics. This despite recent promises of the company to allow the Electrical and Electronics Appliances Labour Union (EEALU) to function normally.

According to information received by GoodElectronics,
the management of Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand) has unilaterally
transferred 10 of the most active EEALU union leaders. The 10 workers are placed in a
small building near the compound wall, removed from the production buildings.
The problem with this imposed move is twofold: since the workers-union leaders
are removed from the other workers in the plant, their access to fellow workers
is limited. At first sight, this looks like a classical attempt by the
management to frustrate the organising of workers. Further, on another level,
the workers concerned have significantly less to do at their new work space.
They have no opportunity to work overtime, which results in a direct decrease of

The Electrical and Electronics Appliances Labour Union has written to the Hoya management to express its concerns about this
development. An answer by the management is still