We are happy to announce that three new members have joined the GoodElectronics Network. Welcome Repórter Brasil, E-waste Race and Arda Isildar!

Repórter Brasil

Repórter Brasil is one of the major references in Brazil in research and information on the behavior of commodities’ supply chains and about their social, environmental, labour, economic and land impacts. The NGO has three main areas of activity that bring together all of its projects: the first works with “Research and Journalism” producing information and analysis to serve as tools to subsidize social, political and economic leaderships. The second is the “Educational” one, which develops tools to disseminate knowledge on social, environmental and labor rights among students and workers. There is also a political articulation work added to those two areas to increase the impact of the programs actions on their public, meaning social, political and economic leaders.

E-waste Race

The E-waste race is a local awareness campaign, education project and an e-waste collection initiative in one. They improve recycling rates of e-waste by improving awareness and e-waste collection locally. The E-waste Race organises a competition between local schools to collect as much e-waste as possible, and run campaigns to raise awareness about conflicht materials, e-waste and recycling to collect as much as possible.

Arda Isildar

Arda Isildar is a researcher working on biotechnological methods to recover metal electronic waste in a sustainable matter. Therefore, he is interested in developments in management of electronic waste and its handling within and outside Europe.