The ITUC 2021 Global Rights Index shows that during Pandemic Covid-19, workers’ rights such as the right to strike, right to collective bargaining, right to establish and join a trade union, and right to justice are deteriorating. It also shows that the Pandemic has devastated jobs, communities, and lives.

Some highlights of the report are 80% of countries have violated the right to strike; 79% of countries have violated the right to collective bargaining; trade unions unionists were killed in six countries; workers experienced arbitrary arrest and deterioration in 68 countries. The ITUC Global Rights Index ranks 149 countries on the degree of respect for workers’ rights.

The Global Index also ranks the ten worst countries for working people, i.e., Bangladesh, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Honduras, Myanmar, The Philippines, Turkey, and Zimbabwe. The two worst regions in the world for working people are the Middle East and North Africa.

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