PC global a project of World Economy, Ecology and Development (WEED) has recently published the new educational CD titled “The Way of a Computer - From global Production to Disposal”.

Computers are considered to be the allegory of the 21st century: Fancy, flexible, key to the immaterial world of global cyberspace. But a glance behind the stage reveals a very different picture. Single parts of the computer are produced around the globe. In many cases social and ecological consequences for workers and residents are grave.

This CD produced by PC global a project of WEED illustrates the way of a computer from the primary production to its manufacturing and use up to the computer’s disposal. The CD “The Way of a Computer” particularly addresses adolescents and young adults at the age of fifteen. They can either use it on their own or it might be applied by lecturers, schoolteachers and instructors in education.

The CD contains manifold materials and suggestions which can be combined in many different ways. Single applications on this CD last between ten minutes and two hours.

Moreover, WEED e.V. and Germanwatch e.V. offer course instructors to go to schools and other educational facilities to exert a lecture or a project day on the basis of the CD “The Way of a Computer”. Course instructors will do these educational units on their own or optionally in cooperation with teachers and instructors of the respective facility. This educational offer is mainly based on interactive methods and working in small groups.

The CD entails the following materials:

Animated Graphic Arts

Movies, Interviews and Collections of Pictures

Quiz, Map Exercise and more Suggestions for Education

Background Information and List with Links

CD runs with Windows, Mac und Linux.

Nominal charge: EUR 10,00 (WEED-Members EUR 7,00) plus mailing expenses.

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