In a short paper F. Weyzig of SOMO describes the current trade union situation at Sanmina SCI Systems in México (Sanmina), a supplier of Philips, on the basis of information provided by CEREAL. Sanmina has five plants and more than 10,000 employees in Guadalajara, Mexico. The main issue are so-called shadow unions.

The paper 'Trade union situation at Sanmina SCI Systems de México' has been written in response to an information request by the corporate headquarters of Philips. Philips has indicated that it would require more information in order to respond to allegations about the violation of trade union rights at Sanmina SCI.

Philips has stated that it wants to raise the issue of phantom unions in Mexico with the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC). The paper provides additional information about the situation at Sanmina SCI, as well as general background information about the problem of phantom unions in Mexico. It is mainly based on information provided by the Mexican organization CEREAL.