When the nation's television spectrum switches from the analog we're currently using to the digital spectrum of the future, all of our existing analog televisions will go dark. What will happen to the old TVs pushed aside by the shiny new mega-screen units? Even though nearly one-third of the U.S. is now covered by state e-waste recycling laws, almost 90 percent of e-waste -- whether computers, iPods or TVs -- is still ending up in landfills or getting exported to other countries, according to research conducted by GreenBiz.com for its report, The State of Green Business 2008. As You Sow has had considerable success working with other shareholders to get major computer manufacturers to adopt take back systems. Apple, Dell and HP have all improved their computer take back operations, developing aggressive take back goals and offering free or incentive-based take back. The systems collected are passed on to downstream waste managers hired by the brands who can be monitored to ensure responsible disposal. Read more.