On behalf of the GoodElectronics Network, SOMO is recruiting a Coordinator for the GoodElectronics Network.

The GoodElectronics Network brings together networks, organisations and individuals that are concerned about human rights, labour rights, and sustainability issues in the global electronics supply chain. The GoodElectronics Network is hosted by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) an independent, not-for-profit research and network organisation working on social, ecological and economic issues related to sustainable development. On behalf of the GoodElectronics Network, SOMO is recruiting a Coordinator for the GoodElectronics Network.

The GoodElectronics Network is in the middle of a five-year EC-funded programme. The new coordinator will be in charge of managing this programme. The new coordinator will furthermore work on consolidating and expanding the GoodElectronics Network, facilitating knowledge building & sharing among members, identifying and developing strategies for common activities, and supporting the campaigns and initiatives of organisations in the global South and North with information and available research.

The coordinator works in close collaboration with the GoodElectronics Steering Committee.

The ideal candidate is a pro-active individual who can work in a team as well on his/her own, with excellent organisation skills in order to manage complex workload and work to deadlines. He/she shows zeal, dedication, has original ideas, takes initiative, and inspires others.

The Mission of the GoodElectronics Network is, in short:

  • To contribute to improving corporate and public policies and practices with regard to protecting and respecting human rights and the environment in the global electronics supply chain, with a specific focus on big brand companies.
  • To support independent trade unions, civil society organisations and grass root groups in mobilising and informing workers on a grass roots level, monitoring and documenting corporate and governmental behaviour, and in their participation in improvement efforts, with a focus on dialogue and collective bargaining, just industrial relations between trade unions and employers, and training of workers concerning their rights and roles.

Key activities and responsibilities

  • Support GoodElectronics Network members in their various activities and plans, including but not limited to research into the impacts of multinational corporations on human rights and the environment, advocacy, campaigning, case work on behalf of affected workers and communities, gaining access to remedy for victims of human rights abuses by businesses, etc.
  • Maintain contacts with relevant NGOs, research institutes, multinationals, government agencies, international organisations, the media, and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Represent the GoodElectronics Network at meetings and during policy debates, presenting research finding and campaign demands of the network and its members.
  • Ensure the functioning and the continuation of the GoodElectronics Network by initiating new projects and pro-active fundraising with public and trust funds.
  • Coordination and strengthening of the GoodElectronics Network through member outreach, development and implementation of strategic plans.
  • Play a key role in initiating and leading strategic discussions on the future of the GoodElectronics Network.
  • Project management of the EC funded multi-year programme. This includes coordinating with partner organisations, monitoring results, and delivering narrative and financial reports.

Required background, skills and abilities

  • A higher education degree in a relevant field.

  • At least 5 years of experience working in the area of coordination.

  • Ample experience in working in an international civil society setting.

  • Proven affinity with the work of SOMO.

  • Demonstrable knowledge of the global manufacturing industry and supply chains.

  • Proven ability to translate information into action and develop campaigning plans together with the members of the Network.

  • Innovative in the development of research and campaign methods and plans.

  • Experience in capacity building.

  • Ample experience with fundraising, project management and result-driven work.

  • Excellent command of English, spoken and in writing.

  • Good writing, communication and presentation skills for various target groups. Able to manage a website (www.goodelectronics.org) and make use of social media.

  • Highly effective administration skills including computing, good word processing skills and the ability to use the Internet.

  • Ability to deal with a wide range of people and organisations and operate in different

    situations, including workers, employers, industry representatives.

  • Independent and pro-active, while also being a good team-worker and networker, both with office colleagues and with other organisations.

  • Ability to meet deadlines, work under pressure.

Desirable background, skills and abilities

  • Basic Dutch
  • Experience in working in the global South amongst workers and/or on grassroots level.
  • Knowledge of the global electronics industry and supply chain.
  • Experience in organising international meetings / conferences

What SOMO offers

  • An exciting job in an international setting based at a vibrant research organisation.
  • Responsibility for coordinating an international network.
  • Responsibility for managing an EU-funded programme.
  • An inspiring working environment at the SOMO office in Amsterdam.
  • A contract for a 36-hour workweek.
  • A one-year contract; starting on 1 January 2016, with the express intention to renew, depending on funding and job performance.
  • Salary between €2.983 and € 4.199 before taxes on a full-time basis (40 hours), depending on the candidate’s relevant work experience.


Applications should be emailed to Mrs. Esther de Haan ([email protected]) before 31/12/2015. They should contain a CV, a letter of motivation and a writing sample, i.e. an existing report or article.

We realise that this job posting and the selection procedure might elicit questions from the applicant. However, due to the large volume of correspondence we receive with every job posting, we are not always able to attend adequately to all enquiries.

Photo credits: Steve Harwood