The inaugural ceremony for the first integrated labour union representing four Samsung companies, took place in Seoul on Monday.

In the article published in The Korea Herald, Samsung Group United Union with approximately 15,800 members, represents workers from Samsung Electronics’ Device Experience division, Samsung Display, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and Samsung Biologics. The union seeks to negotiate wages, welfare, and working conditions.

Union members in Samsung Electronics nearly doubled to 17,000 (14 percent of the company’s workforce) in the last two months, from 9,000 unionists in 2023.

Despite concerns about limited impact due to current negotiation laws, the union commits to advocate for improved work culture emphasising the economic interests of workers, work-life balance, and healthy working conditions.

While some affiliates face challenges in wage negotiations, there is a potential for collective action, with the possibility of Samsung Electronics experiencing its first-ever labour strike if wage hike negotiations remain unresolved. The union’s membership has nearly doubled in the last two months, reflecting growing employee dissatisfaction. Last week, members of Samsung Display and Samsung Biologics applied for labor dispute mediation, signaling potential tensions in the negotiation process.

Read the full article by author Jie Ye-eun as published in The Korea Herald website.