December 8 marked the third Greenwich Symposium on Responsible Public Procurement. Delegates from civil society organisations, academics and procurement practitioners gathered to discuss ‘Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Human Rights Risks in the Global Supply Chain’.

Three roundtables were held about Labour Rights Organisations; Policy, Regulation and Advocacy; and Public Buyers. Speakers included members of labour rights organisations from around the world, such as Labour Education and Service Network (Hong Kong); Economic Rights Institute (Hong Kong); Civil Initiatives for Development and Peace (India) and the Multicultural Centre of Prague (Czech Republic). GoodElectronics was represented as well. There were also participants from public institutions like the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and some procurement practitioners.

The BHRE has recently released a policy paper reflecting on the challenges and responsibilities for higher education institutions in the context of the UK Modern Slavery Act. The paper can be found in the attachment to this article.