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This company profile on Acer is part of a research project on the ICT hardware sector. In addition to this study on Acer, SOMO conducted a study on Fujitsu-Siemens, a sector study and a survey on two major production countries.

With regard to Acer’s policies on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), one easily notes that there is an enormous asymmetry between Acer’s policies concerning the environment and those concerning social conditions. Acer has no corporate code of conduct, nor does the company specify principles regarding the rights of the workers in its supply chain. In its corporate environmental report 2005, Acer states that it likens the relationships within the supply chain to those of a community and that Acer makes no distinction between itself and its suppliers. The findings of field research projects undertaken in the Philippines and China reveal several labour issues in the supply chain of Acer Inc. in the Philippines and China. Research was carried out at one supplier in the Philippines and four suppliers in China. Serious problems were identified at all five suppliers.

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