Visual artist Robin Bell, projected images of ‘Complicit’ on two Apple stores in New York. ‘Complicit’ describes the story of workers in China’s electronics industry who became terminally ill due to exposure to chemicals in the workplace.

With the action, the artist calls attention to the complicity of Apple to the poor health conditions in factories that produce for the tech giant. Not only Apple is mentioned in the projections, also Samsung is held complicit to subjecting workers to harmful chemicals.

In factories that produce for Apple, Samsung and other electronics companies, workers are exposed to benzene and other chemicals that are dangerous to human health and cause diseases such as cancer. Safer alternatives to benzene exist, but these are more expensive.

Watch the trailer of ‘Complicit’:

Support the battle against chemical poisoning in electronics factories by signing this petition. The petition demands Apple, Samsung and other electronics companies to protect workers and remove all known toxins and cancer-causing chemicals from all stages of the manufacturing supply chain. Over 5000 people have signed the petition already.

Watch a short video on the projections: