Is Apple really providing learning opportunities to its employees?

A new investigative report disclosing Apple’s interns abuses will be published by SACOM soon. To demand Apple Inc. to stop abusing students and end labour informalization, please like and share SACOM’s animation and join the campaign #iSlaveat10. In recent years, the term “Empowering Workers” has…

Over 55.000 people sign petition to ban toxic chemicals in electronic supply chains

Over 55.000 people signed the petition ‘COMPLICIT: Demand Apple and Samsung Protect Workers from being Poisoned’. The documentary ‘Complicit’ tells the stories of workers who suffer from reproductive illnesses and aggressive forms of cancer due to chemical poisoning in electronics factories that produce for Apple,…

Greenpeace and iFixit present product repair guide

E-waste is a growing problem and electronic companies are contributing to it because it is getting increasingly complex to repair mobile devices. Together with iFixit, Greenpeace ranked 40 different smartphones, tablets and laptops based on the ability to repair. The amount of e-waste could be…

Inside ‘Foxconn city’

Journalist Brian Merchant managed to enter Foxconn’s Longhua complex in Shenshen, China, home to around 450.000 workers. The Longhua complex received a lot of media attention in 2010, when employees committed suicide by jumping off the high buildings. Unfortunately, not much has changed since then….

Are Apple and Samsung 'Complicit'?

Are Apple and Samsung ‘Complicit’?

Visual artist Robin Bell, projected images of ‘Complicit’ on two Apple stores in New York. ‘Complicit’ describes the story of workers in China’s electronics industry who became terminally ill due to exposure to chemicals in the workplace. With the action, the artist calls attention to…

Chinese interns used as cheap labour at assembly lines

Chinese interns used as cheap labour at assembly lines

Companies like Foxconn and Honda are increasingly depending on interns as cheap workforce. Interns do the same work as regular employees, but are paid lower wages and receive less social security and welfare benefits. Because of the exclusionary university exam system, many Chinese students are…

Chipmaker Qualcomm is suing four Apple suppliers

Chipmaker Qualcomm is suing four Apple suppliers

Qualcomm is suing four Apple suppliers for breach of contract for refusing to pay royalties. The four Apple suppliers are Foxconn, Pegatron, Wistron and Compal. Apple instructed the four manufacturers not to pay royalties. Apple and Qualcomm are in the midst of a patent fight….