In recent years, several electronics multinationals set up business in Brazil. It looked as if Brazil would become the next global manufacturing hub. In this paper SOMO and Repórter Brasil aim to provide an overview of the current situation, both in terms of statistics and labour conditions, taking into account the situation in manufacturing hubs elsewhere in the world. Additionally SOMO and Repórter Brasil reflect on what motivated these companies to come to Brazil.

The report is a mapping study based on public information about the electronics sector. It is a co-production of Repórter Brasil and SOMO, commissioned by the GoodElectronics Network.
This mapping study is done in preparation for an in-depth field research which will be conducted by SOMO and Repórter Brasil in the fall of 2015. In the context of this in-depth field research, SOMO will conduct interviews with managers of the relevant companies to further investigate the issues that are described in this paper.

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publication cover - Brazil, the new manufacturing hotspot for electronics?