Original question as formulated in the survey: Do EICC member companies have in place a corporate policy for selecting safer substitutes for hazardous materials throughout their supply chain?

EICC self-score: Chemical Challenge Gap Analysis - Green (No gap)

EICC justifies this score by referring to the VAP Protocol C3.1, which says that the ‘Auditee shall ensure that its selection processes for all new hazardous chemicals include a thorough evaluation of less hazardous or non-hazardous alternatives’.

GoodElectronics and ICRT score: Chemical Challenge Gap Analysis - Orange (Gap)

GoodElectronics and ICRT object to the EICC score as the Protocol does not provide any definition of adequacy or verifiability . There is nothing in the Protocol about how to perform alternative assessments, or how to select safer substitutions. Therefore, there is no way for an auditor to determine whether a supplier made a ‘thorough evaluation’.

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