Original question as formulated in the survey: Do EICC member companies require all of their suppliers to develop pollution prevention plans to eliminate hazardous exposures and discharges from all facilities?

EICC self-score: Chemical Challenge Gap Analysis - Green (No gap)

EICC justifies this score by referring to VAP Protocol C3.3.

GoodElectronics and ICRT score: Chemical Challenge Gap Analysis - Yellow (Small gap)

GoodElectronics and ICRT note that VAP Protocol C2 on Pollution Prevention and Resource Reduction formulates general policy goals, but these are vague and without any requirements for targets, timetables, monitoring or reporting. The section does not have any specific requirements for suppliers.

VAP Protocol C3.3 addresses waste disposal, but does not address pollution prevention. Hence the different scores given by EICC compared to GoodElectronics and ICRT.

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