Photo: China Labor Watch

China Labor Watch (CLW) criticise Apple on it’s 2017 Supplier Responsibility Report, sending an email to Apple’s CEO citing evidence of continuing violations in its supply chain.

Photo: China Labor Watch

CLW expressed concerns about Apple’s supplier responsibility standards and reporting process. Each year the report selectively picks information to highlight Apple’s success, while overlooking serious violations of Chinese law and workers’ rights.

Research conducted by CLW has revealed a number of on-going issues among Apple’s China-based suppliers, in particular firms like Foxconn, Catcher, Pegatron and Green Point which collectively employ 500,000 people to work on Apple products. These issues include unfair treatment of student workers, refusal to pay bonuses, and poisoning of workers.

Despite notifying Apple of these issues, Apple has repeatedly failed to act adequately on its suppler responsibility standards. As a result, CLW wrote a letter to Apple with its evidence and questioning Apple’s response to its supplier responsibility standard.

Read the full article and CLW’s letter to Apple here.